Remember: This Is Not Normal.

Just a reminder for us all. The president elect today suggested that those who burn the flag might be stripped of their citizenship – not just a fine, mind you, or jail time; we are talking about making people stateless, some of whom may well have served their country as teachers, fire fighters, veterans, doctors, lawyers (and no, the military is not the only sector to serve this country – there are plenty of us who do so by diverse and noble means). Flag burning is a form of free speech and expression protected by the first amendment. It is not normal for someone about to take the land’s highest office in which one swears to defend the Constitution to suggest one of its foremost principles not be upheld. I repeat, this is not normal.

And if this country continues on a trajectory to the point where the flag is no longer a symbol of liberty and union but one exclusively of racism, fascism, and terror, some of us will be the first ones to take a match to it, just as I would be inclined to do with a Nazi flag or the red and blue symbol of horror that is the stars and bars.

And by the way, let’s remember how dumb the logic on the Right is – we need the second amendment to protect . . . what again? Oh, right, freedom.

This is not normal. This is not up for debate. This is stupid and vicious. Then again, consider the source.


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