E Pluribus Hum-Bug!

The current vote tally, as of December 7, stands at Clinton 65,516,951 to her opponent’s 62,844,908. That means Clinton has 2,672,043 votes more than her opponent, a full 2% ahead. This also means that, in population terms, roughly a country the size of Great Britain (population 64 million) has zero representation at the Federal level at this point, except for an enfeebled Democratic opposition, which may prove no opposition at all.

This is nothing new, except that the GOP sees power as a zero sum game, and has never been moderate in its wielding, regardless of the level of mandate. Democrats are forced to bend the knee even if they win, and bring on Republicans as cabinet officials, while the GOP is always in your face.

That’s why the Department of Education will be headed by De Voss, who hates public education, the Department of Labor by Carl Jr.’s CEO who hates labor, unions, and has fought against a living wage, HUD will be served by a completely (by his own admission) unqualified non-entity, the EPA will be headed by Pruitt who hates it and has filed law suits against it on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, the Small Business Administration headed by Linda McMahon who has a history of treating her employees in a despicable manner, the White House chief strategist an avowed racist with Neo-Nazi ties, and the top national security advisor Gen. Flynn who is something of a crazed fiend. Keep it civil boys!

Be that as it may, the system, as it stands, is absurd. Why should, in effect, a country the size of Great Britain in terms of population be shut out of power for four to eight years? It is no way to run a modern democracy and it makes no one happy. I say we shift to parliamentary democracy or we just decide we can’t live together anymore and go our own ways. Because tens of millions of people shut out of any type of say in their futures is no democracy at all.

And call it what you will, but the population of the 13 colonies when they rebelled in 1776 was about 2.5 million – roughly the amount by which Hillary defeated Gollum last month. If that population was enough to spark rebellion in 1776, how much more the over 65 million today? This is an absurd system, and at this point anything but democratic. And I’m sure the GOP isn’t thrilled about being cut out either when it happens to them – so why make everyone so damned miserable? Let the Deplorables have their strong-man with their dystopian bull-crap, and let those of us who reside in Cascadia have their liberal democracy.

Let us demand federal representation, or maybe those 500 counties with 64% of this country’s wealth should just walk, and we can amiably work something out with the Deplorables, provided they stay the hell away from us.



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