So Many Lies to Tell! So Many Promises to Break!

Just my daily dose of wing flapping to stay hovering above the piles of bovine excreta hourly ejaculated from the mouth of President Elect Flibberty-Gibbet and his Band of Flying Deplorables (hereafter BFD).

First, it appears that Rex Tillerson, CEO of the Death Star by CO2 company known as Exxon, has been tapped to be Secretary of State. Said CEO had a $500 billion dollar oil deal going with Russia until we applied sanctions. The Kremlin stands to profit handsomely from said deal. Hmmm, wonder what the CEO of Exxon would do once in office? You can read about the deal here

E.J. Dionne over at the Washington Post has a nice catalogue of how badly Flibberty-Gibbet is about to screw his base. You can read all about that here.

Then Jennifer Rubin, my favorite conservative (for the moment at any rate – she’s conservative so this may be a May-August romance) has two excellent posts on the GOP response to Flibberty-Gibbet and his minions being in the sack with Russia here. And she has one more about the implications and why we really need to know exactly what the hell is going on here.

And the incomparable journalists (yes, there really are journalists still left) over at TPM has the inside scoop today on the human costs of gutting the ACA. You can read that here. In addition they have an ominous report (as if depriving 52 million of health care were not ominous enough) on how PEFG (I know, so many initials these days – President Elect Flibberty-Gibbet) plans to usurp Voice of America and make it his very own propaganda network. Wheeeee! Isn’t Neo-Fascism fun! You can read about it here.






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