Not Normal, Part the Infinity.

Just your periodic reminder that this is not normal . . .

The National Security Advisor meeting with members of a Neo-Nazi Party is not normal nor is the mainstreaming of the KKK and of Neo-Nazi anti-Semitism with the implicit blessing of Dear Leader, Bannon the Odious, and other assorted Deplorabiles.

A Senate Majority leader blowing off foreign interference in an election is not normal.

Shakedowns of foreign countries so that they stay in your particular seedy hotel brand is not normal.

Preemptive pardons of potentially criminal wrong-doings in the administration are not normal.

A president elect insulting a former president is not normal.

And corruption this open and shameless in which presidential kids sell access to their old man for millions is not normal.

And perhaps most ominously of all, this is not normal – about 50 degrees above not normal. But hey, if Santa shows up in a speedo with a magheritta in hand you can just explain to him that he is the terrible victim of a Chinese hoax.

Oh, and just one final reminder: yet another cabinet pick who wants to shred Medicare by holding hostage the OMB and FBI interference in an election. Yeah, that stuff – cabinet officials intent on destroying the agencies they head – that is not normal either. Well, until now.

Finally, no it is not normal for a major American newspaper to have to now have a new section entitled This Week in Hate. But here we are.

We are soooo far through The Looking Glass, well past The Rabbit Hole, and careening, it appears, into a Hyper Space of the Absurd. It should be interesting though. As far as I can tell, for the GOP there simply is no bottom.



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