Ee-Yep. That’d be ’bout right.

So here is your deep thought for the day: Tweeting is not leading.

I am beginning to wonder how long people will continue to be interested in the tweets of the Orangutan Who Can Punch Buttons, aka soon-to-be-POTUS. At some point people you kind of think people will become bored with his stupid games and ridiculous remarks and just ignore him. I think we are looking at the serious possibility that OWCPB will soon become irrelevant.

One final though for your Friday – I saw a headline in the New York Times this morning on its editorial page that stated “Donald Trump casts intelligence aside”. Yep, you can take that as an uproarious double-entendre, because, well, he sure does, and, one suspects, always has. But anyone over 40 who can read has known that this is a creature who has never thought with anything except his little brain.

Remember, this is not normal for a president, and as always –

Pars republicana delenda est!


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