Who The Hell Is At The Wheel?

Have you ever driven across country and suddenly found yourself in La Grande Oregon? That’s where the continent, up which you have climbed about 5000 feet, suddenly drops out from under you down to about sea-level in a series of treacherous curves with a steep percentile grade with pull off areas for run-away trucks. Have you ever felt as though some one has taken away the emergency turn offs as you headed driverless, brakes failing, down the La Grande curves, with no place or ability to stop?

Well, you probably do now if you live in any one of the 50 states that once made up a grand republic. We are driverless – but also brakeless, and the GOP, Jesus love ‘em, have block up all the emergency turn offs with boulders.

The denoument of being in a vehicle careening down hill, sans brakes, sans driver, and sans emergency turn out will be, well . . . need I tell you?

I’m with Brother Pierce: Just who the hell is steering the ship of state now?

Update: and now this. Really?!?!?!


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