Lazy People


No, not the hated “takers”, code for people of color trying to make a go of it and on various forms of public assistance. I am talking about the 63 million deplorables who stuck a knife in the back of our democracy by aiding and abetting a creature who wants to make Moronism our state religion.

For years I cringed as I had to listen to right-wingers hold forth about how “lazy people” were a drag on our country. But there is another form of laziness that is far worse.

It is intellectual laziness. It comes from people who are too supine or too indolent to be bothered to do the difficult work that is required of a citizen and to reasonably educate themselves on the issues, who sit back and rather than read a variety of sources on various issue, instead passively digest the steady diet of excreta hidden under a hefty slathering of whipped rage that passes for “news” on whatever right wing outlet is spewing its Jeremiahs and Hossanahs knee deep in a Jordan flowing with so much bile and phelgm.

Their laziness has foisted on the republic that which we had not wished to see with open eyes – from climate deniers potentially heading the CIA, to HUD nominees who actively state they will not work for the benefit of the American people; from the steady march depriving tens of millions of their health insurance, to the CIA telling Israel not to share intelligence with the incoming administration.

I’m an old guy. I’m supposed to be wise and “promote dialogue”. But there are some ideologies that are so damaging, so vicious, that far from consideration, they deserve contempt. Congratulations. You have elected a basket full of sloven, shabby, ragged billionaires and an orangutan who can tweet.

Jesus will have to forgive that because I sure as hell can’t.


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