Weekly Reminder: Not Normal

Just a shout out to any young people who think our republic is being run on a business as usual basis. A president who tweets and gets into almost daily spitting matches on twitter is not normal. Nor is one who refuses transparency on his taxes. Nor is one who puts up know-nothings like Ben Carson as cabinet nominees. Nor is one who lies as though it were a part of one’s DNA. Nor is one who gets into divisive arguments with his own intelligence community and dismisses its findings. Nor is one who has such close ties to our adversaries. Nor is one who is so flip about policy, such as healthcare (come up with a replacement plan within hours? Really?) Nor is one who uses the office for his own profit and to expand his personal business. Nor is one who threatens whole corporations and tells them how to run their companies.

Epic corruption is not normal.

Deep ignorance on the part of cabinet nominees is not normal.

Avowed racists in the White House is not normal.

Deep adversarial relations with the press to the point of open threats against it is not normal.

I could go on, but have a life to live today.

But for the sake of you young people: NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL.

And if we let it become normal . . . We. Are. Done.

But a plea and a bit of advice. Ignore what this creature says because he is a pathological liar. Look at what he does, and know this: there is no campaign promise that he intends not to shatter into a million glass shards, period.


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