21 Hours to Sharia Law

Well, we dodged that one didn’t we? Another minute in the White House and I’m sure that Obummer would have come for our guns (oh the list of conspiracy nonsense was interminable!). As an homage to those who long since have had their brains eaten by microbes when they swam in the pond of the right wing fever swamp (now known as the incoming administration), here for your delectation is a list of what did not happen and did not matter even if it were the case, under Obama. Remember, all of these things were somehow pertinent and leading up to a dystopian US of A where we’d all be disarmed and wearing a burka.

  1. Sharia law was not imposed.
  2. Our guns were not taken away.
  3. Obamacare did not institute death panels.
  4. Even were he a secret Muslim, he could still kill it with Amazing Grace.
  5. Even if he was in league with the Muslim Brotherhood and let hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the country, we some how have not been changed into an Islamic State.
  6. He did not write anti-Semetic poetry, although as of tomorrow Stevie Bannon might start.
  7. He did not plan a fake assassination attempt – but he does have about 20 hours left (I like to give the right the benefit of the doubt!)
  8. Even if he did fake Bin Laden’s death, at least news of his own death has apparently scared the 9/11 mastermind into hiding – but really folks!
  9. He did not appropriate our farms or IRAs.
  10. His birth certificate was fake – well, no, and at this late date, who cares!

So all the fearful crap that we were told would come to pass under him by the stupid fever swamp never did – and in fact, I’ll go further: he was the best president of my adult life. But the fear oozing from that swamp will now bring all sorts of bad shit hatching out of the mud like so many poisons, and we need no conspiracy theory to figure that out.

And a final parting shot: REALLY? On a simply human level, REALLY? You can’t look at the creature about to take office tomorrow and see that at the most basic human level there is something seriously wrong with him? You don’t see a sociopathic sadist who has no concern for others? You still think this is about political parties and not about handing the nuclear codes over to Caligula?

Spes nunc omni simio in Africa est.


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