The Orange Menace Tweets False News

The Orange Menace tweeted this photo on his twitter feed. But the Mall is too full, and if you compare it to images from yesterday, then look at Obama’s 09 inauguration, you will find that it is in fact from there.

By the way, DC Metro reported ridership of 193k on Inauguration Day as of 11 am, but for the Woman March 275k as of 11 am. Also remember this: a portion of that 193k were protestors, not supporters.

UPDATE: Current estimates now put the March at around half a million; the actual march has been called off because the numbers are too large. Grab ’em by the pussy and you forget they might kick you in the balls.

UPDATE II: Wow Mr. OM, apparently a whole lot of people around the world REALLY hate you! Sad!

UPDATE III: And apparently the Orange Menace is feeling the heat and isn’t taking this very well, as usual lying to others and himself in order to aggrandize his most fragile of egos. When was the last time a president felt compelled to address crowd size at a protest v. his inauguration? Double SAD!

UPDATE IV: First of many bald-faced lies of the new administration – apparently in a fit of pique the Orange Menace’s press secretary claims that yesterday’s inauguration was the biggest in history. Um, I was there in 09. No it wasn’t. Don’t lie to us you fuckers, and you in the press, say the goddamned word lie on television when you report this. Spicer is a goddamned liar.


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