One Face Palm

I am introducing a new ratings system to help indicate just how bad things are getting in the country and world under the Orange Menace and His Band of Flying Monkeys. From now on we will be posting either a one, two, or three face palm image from Star Trek as our key indicator. Something really bad will be a Jesus face palm.

Now on to today’s roundup. Well, There is a reason we use the term Orange Menace folks. So today in your round up of the Shit Storm Wrecking Crew, here are some tidbits:

Via Juan Cole The Hill reports that the OM is set to slash funding for the 25 programs that grew out of the Violence Against Women Act.

Let’s not forget that the administration just issued a bald-faced lie complete with doctored photos about the crowd size at the Inauguration vs. the Womans March. By the way folk, if the government just starts to make shit up and pull it out of its ass, that’s a really bad sign. And to be clear, the lie was delivered in an angry tone that berated the press for FACTUAL reporting. This is not about ideology, this is about something as basic as DC Metro numbers, and ridership for the Woman’s March was second only to Obama’s 09 inauguration (and the Orange Menace’s television audience was the lowest on record too – at least since ratings have been kept). I just wish the press would stop using terms like “false” of “fabricated” and say “lied”.

And, while this might seem petty, it appears that the Orange Menace basically plagiarized himself in his inaugural speech, in essence repeating what he said on the campaign trail and at the convention, just as his wife plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech at the convention, so it comes as no surprise that they even plagiarized the inaugural cake. Pathetic.

But it’s not petty: the Bush administration lied about WMDs in Iraq. Government lies if it can get away with it. If this administration lies about something as relatively trivial as inauguration numbers, what else will this pathological liar lie about to us?

At least it’s pretty clear a lot of people hate him. Here in nearby Portland 100,000 attended the Womans March – for Portland that is HUGE. It’s estimated, according to The Hill, that 3 million marched throughout the US this weekend.

Okay, no one got nuked or bombed and no one lost their health care, but bald-faced lies were told and millions of women will be impacted by the rescission of the federal Violence Against Women Act, so I give this two face palms today.

Remember, none of this is normal.


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