An Emergency for Our Democracy

One of the most essential parts of any democratic society is openness and the ability of agencies to collect data, conduct research, and bring in new talent to that agency. In addition these agencies need to be funded. On all counts this administration is conducting a war against the basic principle that free flow of information is vital to a healthy society – sometimes literally.

So the scientists now at the USDA have been ordered to halt all public communications.

All EPA grants and contracts are now frozen.

Nor does the White House want you to know anything about climate change. So I guess it comes as no surprise that Trimalchio on the Potomac decided it would be fun to ruin Native American burial sites by reviving Keystone XL.

If there is not free flow of information there cannot be a democracy. Look for the gates to be shut and the bolts put down even further in the coming days, weeks, and months.



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