It’s a Jesus Face Palm Morning

Because the first full working day of The Wrecking Crew was yesterday! I am expecting under this administration to be skipping most of my Picards and posting lots of epic Jesus face palms!

So here are some morning reads. First, some really bad stuff about the environment.

Next, the invaluable Mr. Blow writes a column with the astute observation that The Enlightenment must never bow to the Inquisition.

Then there was the attack on the reproductive rights of women, of course by a group of any old white guys.

But it appears that from day one the Orange Menace is sharpening the long knives against everyone’s health care, especially for those who are the least among us (um, Jesus in the New Testament I think said “What?!?! What?!?!?! I fucking said NOT to do that asshole!” – to roughly paraphrase the Greek of the gospels).

The there was this nice little Potemkin Presidency schtick when apparently the Orange Menace packed the audience with his own supporters at the CIA headquarters the other day – but what the hell, he used actors he ultimately stiffed to applaud his ride down the escalator when he announced his candidacy, so what’s another lie between the president and the People?

And is there a scandal du jour on the first day? It’s the Orange Menace! He’s always happy to serve up a hot steamy pile of scandal du jour!

It also now appears that we are in the hands of an iners princeps, whose ministers will run around like Narcissus and Pallas at the court of Claudius while the emperor watches lots of bad television because policy – just two or three days in – already bores him (unless he can sign something that is sadistic and monstrous).

And does Trimalchio on the Potomac have time enough to wake up from his nap to voice his backing for a war crime? Of course, for the Orange Menace there’s always time to support a war crime! What’s a few American soldiers and intelligence operatives between petrol dollars!

Finally, we have an unconscionable screed from the admin’s minor Eva Peron – hey Eva, it was the Orange Menace who incited violence against the press, and people have plenty of reason already to hate him (see myriad links on this page) without a minor cerfluffle.

On the bright side, maybe Oregon will one day ride on California’s coat tails!


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