The Chains of Autocracy Tighten

Here is your morning news round up. The GOP plan to use the Orange Menace to ruin the republic continues apace.

One of the first priorities is, of course, to continue the war against popular sovereignty by making it increasingly difficult to vote – of course, when that fails you can simply lie about non-existent voter fraud then order an investigation into the straw man that you’ve created. All of this is by design intended to make it well nigh impossible for people of color to exercise basic fundamental human freedoms. Haven’t read enough on this yet? Here’s more!

Making false claims and then ordering investigations (which are bound to be extremely costly), is pretty much the very definition of Orwellian. Indeed, being this deluded may well threaten the Orange Menace’s ability to govern. It’s getting harder to say who’s the nuttier, the Orange Menace or his GOP enablers.

Meanwhile, the institutionalization of hatred and the breaking of God’s commandment to love the stranger in our own land and treat him or her as one of your own is humming along nicely. I don’t know about you, but when you invade and disrupt and make war on a variety of countries you sort of have the moral obligation to take care of those whose lives you’ve upended. So building a wall (never worked, see above Hadrian’s, The Great Wall of China, Maginot Line, Berlin, and El Chapo’s Escape Tunnel) is kinda dumb, and putting discriminatory restrictions on refugees is just plain ugly and bigoted.

Want to govern? You might need some information from a federal agency. Oh, never mind!

And how is the war on the environment going? Very well thank you – now shut up you tree huggers! About as well as the war on women (especially those invisible and forgotten ones in the global south), which will make W’s gag order look like a picnic.

What else is in the offing? Well, as our friend Tacitus tells me, the bonds of tyranny are tightening, and will take many forms. Fake news is now being called on at presidential press briefings.

Just so the young people know, that’s not normal.

Dear Leader threatened Chicago with martial law in the wake of an unhinged rant by Billy Boy on Fox.

That’s not normal either.

The invaluable Charles Pierce at Esquire takes this all in and concludes (and how can anyone who has even a feeble understanding of US history not agree) that we are in about the most dangerous spot since the Civil War with this president and cabinet.

Now please don’t let President Caligula know about any of these observations or critiques, because we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. Whiny little bitch indeed.

But don’t take my word for it – already the Washington Post has issued a top ten list (plus one) of the nefarious actions of This Constitutional Crisis in a red (taped) tie. And. It’s Only. Day. Five.

Remember none of this is normal.



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