The Human Stain

In a previous post I invoked article 25 section four of the Constitution. I am not alone: Digby Parton, Paul Krugman, David From, and Keith Olbermann have also posited that POTUS is visibly unhinged, and that the clause must be invoked and POTUS deposed.

And from a purely human standpoint, one must ask, how is this not visibly apparent to people? Recognizing people who are not quite right is, after all, a survival strategy. It warns you off of people who may well be dangerous.

But no. Not enough people had the emotional intelligence to assess and decide not to hand off enormous destructive capacity to a raging Charybdis. The savagery of policy is stunning and apparently a full half of the electorate stands shoulder to shoulder with an aggrieved sociopath.

And in fairness, the capacity for destruction that POTUS has makes Caligula look like (God rest her soul) Mary Tyler Moore, and is, in general, a smear against Caligula.


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