Presented As A Public Service

Below is a boilerplate letter that you can send to your congressional representatives one week in. You can cut and paste it and either send it as a letter or an email.

Honorable Senator/Representative:

I hope that you will oppose some of the horrible policy proposals and initiatives that are currently being undertaken by the new administration. Here is a list of my various concerns and actions that I hope you will take:

  1. Oppose repeal of the ACA.
  2. Reject any and all Supreme Court nominees and keep the court vacant of a seat for the next four years.
  3. Demand that the rights of immigrants and Muslims and LGBTQ people be respected.
  4. Demand women have access here and around the globe to basic health services, including reproductive health.
  5. Demand the free flow of information for government agencies, and maintain transparency, and openness. Stop muzzling agencies.
  6. Oppose any attempt to reinstitute torture and maintain the ban on CIA black sites.
  7. Call him out on his lies about voter fraud which is simply the president’s attempt to aid GOP efforts at voter suppression.
  8. Oppose the President’s and GOP’s radical attempt to undo important and necessary regulations of business and industry across the board.
  9. Protect the American people from the GOP’s invidious plan to undo Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.
  10. Oppose any and all nominees – especially horror shows such as Tom Price or Betsy DeVos.
  11. Oppose proposed cuts and elimination of the NEH , the NEA, and the CPB.
  12. Hit Trump very hard for keeping Comey and investigate this recent election in which the FBI and Russia interfered – this is especially the case for Comey whose attack on Clinton by any measure handed Trump the election.
  13. Hit Jeff Sessions hard for refusing to recuse himself if Trump is investigated.
  14. Fry Trump for his open advocation of taking Iraq’s oil. That is a war crime.
  15. Hit Trump hard for being the most openly corrupt president and administration we have ever seen. From conflicts of interests that will compromise foreign policy to profiting from his hotels, this man is historically corrupt.
  16. Stop compromising with Republicans. Obama did not deserve the treatment he got from Republicans, but Trump deserves no respect from his opposition. He is not a man of dignity or grace, and is punitive and vindictive. It is time for the Democrats to stop bringing a knife to a gunfight.
  17. I believe Trump will be a historically disastrous president. This must be hung around the neck of every Republican who supported him and around the neck of the GOP in general. We must not forget that the GOP has put party above country by aligning with this historic menace.

As a concerned constituent, I am looking to you for your leadership now more than ever. We rely on you as the front line against a president and party that can only be described, I believe, as a national security risk, both domestically and internationally. In return I pledge to do all that I can as a citizen to oppose this unique menace to our republic and planet.


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