Second Deep Thought for the Day

The Orange Menace and his Band of Flying Monkeys are racists and bigots (just ask the Mexicans and anyone of the Muslim faith after this week) and there will never be a pivot by any of them. One wonders if his supporters ever read a book or newspaper in the course of their entire adult life, or at least listened to and absorbed adult conversation about the Second World War and Civil Rights Movement. I say this rhetorically of course, because we all know the answer.

But as Josh Marshall points out, none of this would be possible without the support of the GOP. Someday when the Civil War ends there will need to be a truth commission, and the Republican Party will need to be outlawed as a White Supremacist organization. The Dems would be idiots not to tar the enabling GOP with this ass-clown, because they created and own him, simply by virtue of their endless dog-whistles.


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