That These Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain . . .

The president and his administration are cruel and vicious people. There have been plenty of good Muslims who have fought and died for this country and given the ultimate sacrifice. The idea of targeting them by going after Islamic countries is contrary to everything in the American tradition. The Orange Menace and most of his administration have sacrificed or risked nothing ever – NOTHING. And they now see fit to discriminate against entire groups of people who have contributed mightily to this nation. These are graves of Muslim soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. They are buried in the nation’s most hallowed ground.

By the way, about Muslims. Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all “muslims”. In the Qu’ran muslims are believers in the One God of Abraham – they include Christians and Jews, and are referred to with a small “m”, as opposed to Muslims, who also believe in the One God but also follow the prophet Mohammed. “The Infidel” are the pagans of Mecca, not Jews and Christians, who are fellow believers.

You can read an excellent article about this here.

In the meantime, unless we can rid this country of the infection of this administration and the imprimatur it’s given to racism and bigotry, the dead at Arlington – Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist – will have died in vain until such time as government of the people, by the people, for the people, can reestablish its commitment to their sacrifice.


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