If you are a supporter of the Orange Menace, here is what is about to happen to you. It is unlikely that you will have any of the three fulcrums of old age into which you have paid, i.e., Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, because, well, if you are unaware, the GOP has wanted to eliminate these programs (because that is what “privatization” and “vouchers” ultimately mean), and you have now handed them undivided government. So all that money you paid into the system . . . yeah, it’s gone.

Because you voted for a tax cut for the billionaires because America doesn’t win anymore or some such nonsense – oh, and all that hate on Goldman Sachs? That was just about Hillary! You didn’t think he meant that he would staunch the bleeding of the redistribution of wealth in this country from the bottom up? Did you? DID YOU? So we now have a Goldman Sachs cabinet – for those of you paying the least bit of attention, they were a part of the crew that dropped us in it in ’08.

In the immortal words of Josh Marshall, Suckers.

Your economy is also about to be put at substantial risk with the abolition of Dodd-Frank as well, which means your savings. If you live in a poor community or a red state your air and drinking water are about to be contaminated. If you like food safety, well, that’s out the window. If you want a doctor that is going to get degrees harder because ten percent of our doctors are Muslim, but it won’t matter much because you can’t afford their services anyway.

If you were hoping for a better future for your kids and grandkids, well, that’s out too because of all the shit that will roll down hill towards them, most of all the elimination of care for the elderly, which means that money will be coming out of pocket of the younger generation to care for the older.

And by the way, there is no chance of saving any of these because, contrary to popular belief, this administration is made up of reckless war mongers who will destroy the treasury and fritter away the wealth of this country on an utterly unnecessary war (with who?!?!?! Take your pick – the sky is the limit – Mexico? Australia? Canada when it annexes Cascadia?) There will be no money for social programs, and probably none to care for our veterans.

And by the way, hope you don’t mind spending gobs of money on food, because Mexican labor to pick our fruits and veggies has just gotten by degrees worse. But maybe you can start a movement, “American picked!”, as your kids work for starvation wages picking strawberries (hey, America First!)

And you know what? I am not even going to bother to link and cite all of this bullshit because at this late date it is so all over the newspapers that if you would bother to but look you can find it, well, hic et ubique! (That’s Latin for Deplorables who . . . oh screw it).

And if you were too stupid, or too mean-spirited, or too willing to be bamboozled because you crave a distorted view of history and the past, then just screw you. And if you decided to pull the walls about your ears because of your hatred of liberal elites, then what you really need is professional help, just like your Dear Leader . . .


Suckers indeed . . .


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