It’s All About the Money. And It’s Always Been About the Money.

About 20 or 30 million years ago we were hearing howls from the ass-clowns on the right about Hillary’s corruption, in particular her profiting off of name recognition for her foundation – and yes, the Clintons made a ton of money off of the fact that they held the presidency. But this is a first – clearly using the presidency as a form of brand expansion, and using the office for name recognition to turn it into a cash cow. Then, THEN, to attack anyone or anything, including a supposedly independent corporation, when that corporation tries to distance itself from a member of the president’s family because they believe, rightly, that the president’s family name has turned toxic – that is something new entirely as well.

Remember, the Orange Menace it is NOT about protecting the country, it is not about service, it is not about duty or sacrifice, it is not about upholding rule of law or our democratic traditions, it is not about promoting the general welfare, it is not about a clean environment or good schools for our kids, it is not about protecting the savings and pensions of retirees, it is not about ensuring a vibrant inclusive democracy with open borders, it is not about fulfilling his duties and obligations provided for under the Constitution, oh nonononononononononononono.

It is about money and more money and more money still. Maybe Russian golden showers are that expensive, who knows? The only reassurance from this is that protecting his holdings and investments may be the one and only thing that protect us from him going nuclear in a fit of pique – it would be bad for business.



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