Canaries in Coal Mines

These are rabbis being arrested for protesting the Orange Menace’s Muslim ban. They are being arrested for reasons that are ancient and modern. Because their God enjoins upon them a high ethical standard. Because He demands that strangers in one’s land be treated as their own. Because Jews have seen this show before. Because they know that first they come for Muslims, then Mexicans, then them, then us.

So you who are ignorant. Or choose to look away. Or go into denial about the places in history where this has gone. Yeah, feel secure. But you are not secure either. When the Orange Menace decides that you have let him down, that you didn’t fight for him hard enough, that you were weak, or a looser, he will dispose of you, just as other dictators have of their own people.

But the rabbis know. These are the words of rabbi Hillel, spoken almost 2000 years ago,

“If I am not for myself, who will be?”


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