Being an Informed Citizen is an Obligation

The ass-clown who drew the above cartoon apparently believes that being ignorant is a right. And they are correct. Being ignorant is a right – hey, the idiot who drew the above cartoon should know.

But you have an obligation towards your fellow citizens to be yourself an informed citizen, especially in a democracy. You have a deep obligation to understand history, science, economics, sociology, demographics, statistics. You have made a contract with your fellow citizens – spoken or unspoken, written or unwritten – and you are obliged to abide by it.

But the coopting of an iconic image from the Civil Rights Movement, the idea that a privileged billionaire is a persecuted minority like Blacks in the segregated Jim Crow South shows deep ignorance of history, ethics, and morality. The artist should be ashamed – as should the administration and its supporters.

Sick. Or as the Tweeter in Chief would text, Sad!


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