No light thing to say.

It is no light thing to accuse anyone of treason, but it seems to me, if I am reading the situation correctly, that that is where we are heading. If the current administration did indeed collude with a hostile foreign power in interfering with the electoral process, and is in fact working in Russian interests, that is treason pure and simple. Russia is an adversarial power – the administration has been supportive in its goals to disrupt or destroy the EU, NATO, and to give it a free pass (basically relinquishing American prestige and authority) in the Middle East, particularly Syria. In addition it is remaining very silent in the wake of Russian interference in EU affairs, and in the wake of the revelation that so many in the administration have deep ties to Russia as well as monied interests there.

The goal of Bannon, Caligula a l’Orange, Miller, & Co. is to disrupt as many alliances and political norms as possible – that may not be in direct aid to Russia, but the current policies of the administration and even, arguably, its budget, weakens the US internally and does little to challenge Putin’s larger geo-political ambitions, and even furthers them. And the GOP apparently does not care, so long as it gets its tax cuts for the wealthiest.

And none dare call is treason, even as the country spins ungovernably out of control – not in the streets or on the borders, as Orange Caligula would have you believe, but at the very highest level of government and this administration.


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