Republicans are Terrorists


“They just have not fucking read my Gospels . . . ”

Yeah, they are. Because if they repeal ACA far more Americans will die for lack of health care by many degrees over than have died in terrorist attacks in this country. It will be 9/11 multiplied by two or three hundred, more over time I’m guessing. And no, this is not a conspiracy theory or a matter of dispute – it’s a matter of statistics and studies . . . doh! studies – sorry deplorables!


Stop Calling Him A Liar. He’s a Sadist.

Yeah, he’s still the biggest liar going. But lost in all of this is that he is one of the more sadistic creatures ever to hold the office. There is not even a need to list the indications that he is such – but his call for torture, for murder of innocents, and his call to separate mothers and children in border concentration camps are just a sample.

He is a sadist. Plain and simple.

The Media is Worthy of Scorn . . .

but not for why you think . . .

Hey Chris Matthews! You, Van Jones, and you Tom Brokaw! Hey you NYT and WaPo! And you, Chris Wallace! Hey all you pseudo-liberal pundits at MSNBC!

Yeah, I’m looking at all of you, ass-clowns.

Um, being able to read from a teleprompter without foaming at the mouth is not pivoting. Reading a steady stream of lies without loopy statements about Sweden or Atlanta is not presidential. And vandalizing and breaking the government and the country along with it should not be confused with statesmanship.

You are the last line of defense against a Blitzkrieg against this country and instead of digging in for the long haul went all Maginot on us last night and now, for all intents and purposes, you have chosen to morph into the Vichy media now that your head’s been occupied by Herr Hair Piece.

Remember there is nothing unfair or “unbalanced” about calling a pathological liar (and sociopath), well, a pathological liar. In fact, it’s unfair to honest people not to do so.

Alas, I think last night saw the walls of the republic breached, and for nothing substantive – simply for cosmetic reasons. If the media is unwilling to look past mere appearances and delivery style, there is little hope that the republic can long survive the steady march towards autocracy and its perils.