A Moral Stain

Yes, no postings in a while – I have been immersed for many months in the universe of Shakespeare, and will finish the entire canon sometime this afternoon or tomorrow morning. And how can one keep up with the sheer horror of our politics.

But a simple observation and message: In my young and then adult life, in memory, there are only two presidents I really respect as decent ethical, political, and moral leaders, Carter and Obama. I thought the policies of Reagan, Bush I and II, and Clinton despicable, and believe they have led us, in part, to our current slow-motion cataclysm.

But that disagreement was about politics. Opponents could scream at one another about the injustice of Reagan’s tax cuts and budget slashing, about Clinton’s welfare reform and its cruel effects, about the morality of torture under Bush II, which I had hoped would have been a nadir in our country’s history. Indeed, torture transcends politics for me – it’s a deal-breaker, and I believe Bush and Co. deserved prison for it.

But these were issues over policy. They cast people in a bad bad light, but were grounds for public argument and policy discussion. Giving aid and comfort to racists who march in torch-light parades posing as Nazi’s or sheetless KKK is taboo. The president’s racism, clearly expressed in the wake of Charlottesville and in his own words and actions, is a form of pollution, a moral stain that taints himself and any who voted for him or continue to support him.

That is why I cannot and will not abide in any relationship with any who have anything to do with him at the ballot box. For a moral stain is also a form of contagion, infecting with its venom all who seek to touch it, be it at a rally or on a ballot. Support in any form gives the green light to the shredding of a taboo – Nazism – that seeks to choke the garden of democracy with the invasive weeds of the false premise of white superiority.

This is not a presidency. This is a moral stain.

The Bard Smacks Down Caligula a L’Orange

Here is what the Bard would like to say to the Orange Menace today:

Oh thou mongrel beef-witted lord, thou fonder than ignorance! Thou rank slave whose gall coins slander like a mint when thou doth ope thy mastic jaws whose words fall from a brain as barren as the banks of Libya. You sodden-witted fusty nut with no kernel when thou dost mouth thy brainsick raptures, whose heaving spleen grows lost in a labyrinth of fury, whose pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle! Knowest not that whatever praises itself but in the deed devours the deed in praise, you orgulous Machievelle that enlards your fat-already pride! You idol of idiot-watchers, you contaminated carion weight, you full dish of foolery, you damnable box of envy! Thou art but a greasy relic of your o’reaten faith whose office is but a sequent maculation upon thy predecessors!

No light thing to say.

It is no light thing to accuse anyone of treason, but it seems to me, if I am reading the situation correctly, that that is where we are heading. If the current administration did indeed collude with a hostile foreign power in interfering with the electoral process, and is in fact working in Russian interests, that is treason pure and simple. Russia is an adversarial power – the administration has been supportive in its goals to disrupt or destroy the EU, NATO, and to give it a free pass (basically relinquishing American prestige and authority) in the Middle East, particularly Syria. In addition it is remaining very silent in the wake of Russian interference in EU affairs, and in the wake of the revelation that so many in the administration have deep ties to Russia as well as monied interests there.

The goal of Bannon, Caligula a l’Orange, Miller, & Co. is to disrupt as many alliances and political norms as possible – that may not be in direct aid to Russia, but the current policies of the administration and even, arguably, its budget, weakens the US internally and does little to challenge Putin’s larger geo-political ambitions, and even furthers them. And the GOP apparently does not care, so long as it gets its tax cuts for the wealthiest.

And none dare call is treason, even as the country spins ungovernably out of control – not in the streets or on the borders, as Orange Caligula would have you believe, but at the very highest level of government and this administration.

Republicans are Terrorists


“They just have not fucking read my Gospels . . . ”

Yeah, they are. Because if they repeal ACA far more Americans will die for lack of health care by many degrees over than have died in terrorist attacks in this country. It will be 9/11 multiplied by two or three hundred, more over time I’m guessing. And no, this is not a conspiracy theory or a matter of dispute – it’s a matter of statistics and studies . . . doh! studies – sorry deplorables!

Stop Calling Him A Liar. He’s a Sadist.

Yeah, he’s still the biggest liar going. But lost in all of this is that he is one of the more sadistic creatures ever to hold the office. There is not even a need to list the indications that he is such – but his call for torture, for murder of innocents, and his call to separate mothers and children in border concentration camps are just a sample.

He is a sadist. Plain and simple.

The Media is Worthy of Scorn . . .

but not for why you think . . .

Hey Chris Matthews! You, Van Jones, and you Tom Brokaw! Hey you NYT and WaPo! And you, Chris Wallace! Hey all you pseudo-liberal pundits at MSNBC!

Yeah, I’m looking at all of you, ass-clowns.

Um, being able to read from a teleprompter without foaming at the mouth is not pivoting. Reading a steady stream of lies without loopy statements about Sweden or Atlanta is not presidential. And vandalizing and breaking the government and the country along with it should not be confused with statesmanship.

You are the last line of defense against a Blitzkrieg against this country and instead of digging in for the long haul went all Maginot on us last night and now, for all intents and purposes, you have chosen to morph into the Vichy media now that your head’s been occupied by Herr Hair Piece.

Remember there is nothing unfair or “unbalanced” about calling a pathological liar (and sociopath), well, a pathological liar. In fact, it’s unfair to honest people not to do so.

Alas, I think last night saw the walls of the republic breached, and for nothing substantive – simply for cosmetic reasons. If the media is unwilling to look past mere appearances and delivery style, there is little hope that the republic can long survive the steady march towards autocracy and its perils.